[RML] Beginner needs advise

Segeberger (klaus.schoening at jungle.org)
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 10:56:28 GMT

It is highly unlikely your fish were caught in the wild as there is no
collection/export system in place to collect and ship from New Guinea to
the aquarium trade. To do so would be extremely expensive. Most
rainbowfish in the hobby can be traced back to a few collectors who
brought out a very small sample of brood stock. If they are indeed wild,
people will come knock your door down hehehe, everyone wants wild or f1

-> I also have another question. When I bought my boesemani they said
-> that they where caught in the wild (not breed in tanks). Can this be
-> true (I bought them in Sweden)??

-> Regards,
-> Cecilia