Re: [RML] Beginner needs advise

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 22:30:11 +1000

Hello Cecilia - welcome to the list

In my opinion al Rainbows will happily accept some salt in the water but it
is not necessary for many. The 3 species you have are all lacustrine and
come from waters that tend to have higher TDS and pH so your water should
be OK. I think they would be just as happy at 25 C and live longer.

I am unable to comment on whether your Boesmani are wild-caught but think
it is unlikely. If true then I think there are a lot of hobbyists that
would be interested in some eggs from your fish


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> From: Cecilia WESTER <cicci.wester at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: [RML] Beginner needs advise
> Date: Tuesday, 9 June 1998 18:21
> Hi!
> I've recently bought my first rainbow and I've been listen to your
> conversation here and now I wonder if all rainbows like salt in the
> I have my rainbows (m.boesemani, probably m.lacustris and
> in the following water conditions:
> pH: 8.0 kH: 4.0 and temp 30°C. I donīt have any salt in my water.
> I also have another question. When I bought my boesemani they said that
> where caught in the wild (not breed in tanks). Can this be true (I bought
> them in Sweden)??
> Regards,
> Cecilia