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Rhonda Wilson (rhondawi at
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 07:34:47 -0700

Hmm, no wonder your always the first one there. I usually come on about 6:30 or 7:30.
I'm in the mountain time zone, but living in Arizona which always has to be
argumentitive, we don't do daylight savings time so are on the same time as the
"granola state" as Bjorn so nicely put it. :)

We used to have an official time but I have no idea what that is anymore.


Bjorn Straube wrote:

> "American resident" huh? Now I wonder whom you might of been thinking about
> Andrew ;) Well, I try to be online at about 9:30 pm EST on Fri. For each time
> zone east subtract an hour. By my reckoning that makes it to be about 5:30 pm in
> the "granola state" ;) For those points west of that (Hawaii) ask Mach, I don't
> have a clue. Please keep in mind that sometimes when I log on, nobody shows for
> an hour (rare) other times there are already a few there. If nobody is there,
> send and email to the list stating that you are there, someone should show soon.
> I usually just read email while I wait
> Andrew Boyd wrote:
> > Hi Stephen, yes, it is a bizarre Aussie time, lunchtime on a Saturday here
> > - it equates to Friday evening in the USA, which explains why most of the
> > regulars are Americans (or American residents anyhow ;) ).
> >
> > Could a couple of the US regulars please let Stephen know what time they
> > usually go on? Maybe they could (please) repeat that info here so that I
> > can update the (unofficial) #rml webpage with the new time(s).
> >
> > An equally unofficial disclaimer: like this mailing list, the IRC channel
> > #rml is made up of people who keep fish but do not always want to talk
> > about fish, it is more lighthearted and spammy as befits the medium
> > (although those of you that wanted to know the secret of breeding Ps.
> > mellis may have wanted to be there for what Cary had to say on Saturday)
> > ;)
> >
> > Cheers, Andrew
> >
> > On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Stephen Boulet-CSB046 wrote:
> >
> > > By the way, are these things regularly scheduled? And is it at some bizzare
> > > Australian time? :)
> > >
> > > -- Stephen
> > >

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