Re: [RML] Biotope tanks for rainbows

HH (Harro.Hieronimus at
Wed, 16 Feb 2000 21:53:06 +0100

> (are there any ladies in this list???)
> I wouldn't go THAT far, but we should save the list from mad New Yorkers! How
> about this - what plants and species would you all suggest for reasonably
> accurate biotope tanks for rainbowfish? Extra points for region or river
> described. :)

Always when I hear of accurate biotope tanks I recommend to place some old coce
cans, plastic bottles, plastic bags and other waste in your tank (add some algae
for the green), as I've seen a lot of these biotopes (not in Oz or NG) with
healthy and prolific fish.

Best regards

Harro Hieronimus, Solingen, Germany
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