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Dave Wilson (rwilson at
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 06:56:09 +1030


The Howard River System 30 kilometers east of Darwin has -

Western Rainbowfish, Chequered Rainbowfish, Black Banded Rainbowfish,
Delicate Blue-eyes, Spotted Blue-eyes.
Sailfin Glassfish, Penny Fish, Reticulated Glassfish, Purple Spotted
Gudgeon,Poreless Gudgeon, Carp Gudgeon, Flyspeck Hardyheads, Hyrtles
Catfish, Rendahls Catfish, Black Catfish, Longtom, Spangled Grunter, Banded
Grunter, Sooty Grunter, Barramundi, Single Gilled Eel

Macrobachium rosenburgi, Macrobrachium sp., 4 species of Atyid shrimp and
Red Claw Yabbie

Plants (with submerged growth)
Valisnera nana (looks like giant val), Ceratophyllum demersum, Limnophila
australis (similar to L.indica), Limnophila fragrans, Limnophila
chinenses,Hygrophila angustifolia (same as willow hygro), Pogostemon
stellatus (same as Eustralis), Aponogeton vanbruggeni, Maidenia rubra,
Eriocaulon setaceum, Ottelia alismoides, 2 species of Myriophyllum,
Staurogyne leptocaulis (similar to Dwarf Hygro), Nymphaea violacea (blue or
white flower) several species of Nymphoides, Spirodella sp., Salvinia
molesta, Azolla sp? and others

Estaurine Crocodile, Freshwater Crocodile, Yellowfaced Turtle, Northern
Snakeneck Turtle, File Snake, Macleays Water Snake, Mertens Water Monitor,
Mitchells Water Monitor

Substrate is mostly dark red ironstone gravel that sticks to a magnet and
fine pinkish/white sand

Water quality - Temp 22-28, pH 6.8 - 7.2, hardness 20 - 40 ppm, Carbonate
hardness ?

not all that wildlife and plants will fit in the one aquarium

Dave Wilson

>I wouldn't go THAT far, but we should save the list from mad New Yorkers! How
>about this - what plants and species would you all suggest for reasonably
>accurate biotope tanks for rainbowfish? Extra points for region or river
>described. :)
>I've been on the list for a while. I'm impressed with the knowledge
>represented here, and love the unpredictablility - I really knew absolutely
>nothing about freshwater sharks, for instance. I currently have blue-eyes in
>a 20 gallon tank, and am dreaming big for the larger tanks to come.
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