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Hello Darrell

I'm sure you will get a few replies on this but the answer is to make less
nutrients and light available to the algae. Frequent water changes will
dilute them; removing decaying organic matter (e.g. vegetation, aquatic or
riparian; uneaten fishfood, and fish manure) from the pond at the same time
will tend to slow their return; adding lots more plants to utilise the
nutrients is good too - floating-leaved plants like Nymphaeas and Nymphoides
also cut down light, Hyacinth (Eichornia) and WaterLettuce (Pistia) are good
too but may be prohibited. Vallisnerias. saggitarias and other rapid growers
in pots of sand are good too and can be removed easily.

One plant that is excellent here is Hornwort (Ceratophyllum) which grows
rapidly and can be hand harvested easily and excess used a mulck on the
garden. All growing plants tend to be water conditioners and are useful also
for cover for eggs and fry.

Adrian's reference to the Barley straw has been well documented as being
useful as well as increasing water movement (perhaps a cheap garden pond
pump) and reducing temperature and light ( add a shade-cloth cover - which
also keeps leaves and some pests, and pets out). PLease keep us informed on

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> I would be pleased if someone could give some advice on pond maintenance.
> have a small pond about 2M X 1M. I initially stocked it with 2 pairs of
> P.signifer about 2 months ago . There are now approx. 2 dozen fry of
> ages (probably more). I have water lilies and a native (I think) type of
> ribbon weed growing in it. Up until now, probably because of the heavy
> over the last months, it has remained reasonably clear but now the algae
> getting very thick and starting to choke the pond. I have flushed it a
> couple of times with a couple garbage tins of water (treated of course)
> it doesn't help much. It was built in January. Is it best to leave it
> alone and it will reach it's own equilibrium or are there certain steps I
> should take? Perhaps the thick algae is beneficial? It doesn't get full
> all day but maybe 50%. My location is Maitland NSW.
> Any advice appreciated. Thankyou.
> Cheers, Darrell
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