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Mon, 17 Apr 2000 06:41:27 -0500

It will probably take the commercial channels years to figure out that there
is a "new" madagascar out there. That's really the way we like it as in the
US they are all too stupid to keep them separate. Just look what they've
done to the NG and australian rainbowfish. I wouldn't put Bedotia in the
same tank and expect them not to cross. Some of these might end up being
listed as new species where others will just be another "river" variety.
Hopefully the collectors will start labeling them by their river locations
soon. News is that each river has a slightly different variety. I keep
hearing about "bright blue ones" but none of those have been able to make it
out of the country alive yet. The next couple of years could be a very
interesting time for these fish.

gary lange

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>Thank you for your thoughts on rainbows and ponds Gary. Are the new
>Madagascar rainbows coming in through commercial channels or through the
>All the best!
>>I'm thinking about putting the wanamensis
>> out and maybe adding a second very unrelated species like some of the new
>> Madagascar rainbows that are now coming into the US. The "white-finned"
>> fish is interesting as well as the oranged finned or yellow finned
>> longinalis.