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Thanks for the "plug " for regional ANGFA groups Matthew - we still have
some copies of McDowalls book for sale and if Dennis is a little bit patient
ANGFA will soon be able to announce an exclusive information source for
fish-keepers interested in rainbowfishes both here and overseas.

ANGFA Queensland is having their general meeting tonight and 2 highlights
will be a talk on FW crustaceans from John Short of the Qld Museum and some
exciting "breakthrough" news on breeding success with Red-finned blue-eyes.
The library is open to member at meetings and we do have a fish auction at
the conclusion of the meeting just before supper and fellowship.

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> Yes. Go and print out Adrian Tappins "Home of the Rainbow".
> The two books that used to be available are both out of print so any book
> you can find would be a good start. The book titles I have forgotten but
> was by Gerald Allen and covered all of Australia. I think it was published
> in 89. I heard a rumour that there was a new edition coming out. The
> is a book about SE Australian Fishes and was by McDowell. Another good
> information source is to purchase/borrow/steal back issues of Fishes of
> Sahul.
> Other useful books are... Well I can't actually remember all the names as
> they are sitting at home in my book shelf. That is my excuse for
> all the fish names. I'm sure someone else will be able to remember what
> GA Rainbow fish books are called, and all the others.
> The real answer to your question is that there is no definitive work on
> Rainbowfish or most groups of our fish. That is what makes Rainbows and
> other Australian fishes so interesting. You have a very good chance of
> observing something new.
> I don't currently have any fish for sale. I moved house this summer and
> away loads of fish before I moved.
> I can't recommend too strongly that you get along to an ANGFA meeting.
> never been to a Brisbane(?) meeting but I'm sure they would have them
> monthly and that they would be packed with knowledgeable fish heads. They
> probably have an Auction of fish each month where you could get great fish
> for the best price and they probably have a library that you can borrow
> books from. At least that is what NSW meetings are like. We even have
> interesting speakers occasionally.