[RML] Ponds

Darrell Edwards (vk2mna at yahoo.com)
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 12:41:42 +1000

I would be pleased if someone could give some advice on pond maintenance. I
have a small pond about 2M X 1M. I initially stocked it with 2 pairs of
P.signifer about 2 months ago . There are now approx. 2 dozen fry of various
ages (probably more). I have water lilies and a native (I think) type of
ribbon weed growing in it. Up until now, probably because of the heavy rains
over the last months, it has remained reasonably clear but now the algae is
getting very thick and starting to choke the pond. I have flushed it a
couple of times with a couple garbage tins of water (treated of course) but
it doesn't help much. It was built in January. Is it best to leave it
alone and it will reach it's own equilibrium or are there certain steps I
should take? Perhaps the thick algae is beneficial? It doesn't get full sun
all day but maybe 50%. My location is Maitland NSW.
Any advice appreciated. Thankyou.

Cheers, Darrell

vk2mna at yahoo.com

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