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Barry Meiklejohn (barrym at powerup.com.au)
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Jim, Chris and Roy,

Just to add my two cents worth on the Rocky Bottom Ck tri. I was on the
expedition that bought these back to Brissy. Geographically Rocky Bottom Ck
does not flow into the Goyder River - it flows into the Arafura Swamp. The
Goyder also flows into the Arafura swamp. As far as I know there has been
no surveys done in the Arafura Swamp at this stage. We intended to survey
from the old Arafura HS on this particular trip but couldn't convince the
land councils to allow us north of the Bullman Road. As an aside the swamp
has a nasty reputation with respect to swamp-dogs (as does the Goyder R).

The Rocky Bottom fish does appear very similar to the Goyder R tri. I
commented to Neil Armstrong at the time that I thought they had a slightly
more golden cast to the base body colour where the Goyders appear more
silver. Be that as it may it is obviously a very close colour morph.
Whether this slight variation is environmental is not known - I suppose you
would need to take two samples from each locality and keep them for a few
generations under the same aquarium conditions.

What I wonder is will we find the same fish in the Arafura swamp. In many
articles authors have reported that the further upstream you proceed
generally the brighter or more vivid the colour of the fish become. Is this
because the fishes colouration is caused by environmental conditions such as
the type of substrate the water is flowing over/through, or is it based more
on diet. I don't know but I see a survey of the Arafura Swamp answering
some of these questions in my mind. The swamp drains out to the Arafura Sea
and I imagine (never having been there) that it would have some degree of
salinity in parts. If the Goyder type tri is to be found here then will its
colours be more vivid or more murky.

If the tri is found here it obviously explains why a similar fish can be
found in Rocky Bottom Ck (which BTW is quite a distance from the Goyder).
But where did the colour morph first come from, Upper Goyder, Upper rocky
Bottom, Arafura Swamp??? A survey of the Arafura Swamp is high on my list
of want-to-go field trips, but I'll make sure I take my iron leggings (down
crocodilus - down :-)


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>Jim - To the best of my knowledge Rocky Bottom Creek has not been
>imported. This fish as you may know is native to a waterway connected
>to the Goyder River. The question remains whether this fish is at all
>different from Goyder River trifasciata.
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>>As you see, this message was put out a couple of days ago and I did
>>read it on the list, but no one has given any answers as of yet.
>> Should I make an issue of folks that haphazardly handle and ship fish
>>over a long distant and time, and look for answers on how we can
>>things on this issue, to get an answer in a round about way? Maybe
>>people who have M. Trifasciata from Rocky Bottom Creek do not what to
>>part with them or they maybe they are on a protected list and are not
>>allowed to be shipped to Florida/or Feral Land (sometimes I not sure).
>>So how does one get an answer? My dues are paid up(I think, I'll find
>>out in S.F. this up coming weekend), I haven't flamed anyone in two
>>years,(not that some of you need any help in doing to yourself). Jim
>> Re: [RML] M. trifasciata,wish list & Rainbowfish 97
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>> 1
>>Now I have seen a picture of M. Trifascata, Rocky Bottm Creek, I want
>>I have a question about getting and moving fish cross country. I will
>>be at Rainbowfish 97, S.F. Cal. this month(next weekend,ya!) and I
>>like to get some fish at the auction. The problem ( I think) is I
>>Monday afternoon for a Florida gettting home late. How would one work
>>out the bagging of the fish and keeping them alive. The people
>>my house want me to leave the battery op. air pumps home for any power
>>failures. Any ideas? Jim C.
>>p.s. I will try my hand at getting and working with eggs too. JC
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