Re: [RML] wish list

chris drew (seegeedrew at
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 15:17:44 PDT

Julie - the species maint. program is similar to my syndicate idea. the
difference is that the species maint. program is dealing with what
exists in breeders tanks. It does not address the problem of obtaining
the new species that primarily Roy has introduced in the last two years
as well as the other things that have arrived with less fanfare.

What I'd like to do is get those things in my tanks asap. Get them
The total numbers are small so the risk of losing them is greater. What
happens if Roy's house burns down like Barry Crockford's did? Lost in
that fire was K.ballochi. Who has that fish now? One guy in the whole
world that I now
of and he ain't parting with them for whatever reason.

If that happened there'd be a lot of hand wringing and questions about
why no one bought any of the fish. I'm proposing to avoid that.

I see this as an urgent issue. The species maint. program is moving
NO DOUBT it is a great idea. I want to act NOW!

The syndicate idea can work if we ensure that there is duplication. We'd
have to make sure that each species was sent to at least two different
people. We'd also have to decide who would get the more difficult types.
Trifasciatas tend to be pretty damn easy to breed in my experience.
Rhadnocentrus on the other hand may require more skill. Details! These
can be figured out!

I'm open to ideas and suggestions on how to make this work so don't be
shy! I don't want to ram this down anyone's throat. So your ideas are

So once again I'm asking for people who think they'd like to join in the
syndicate and who feel confident enough to breed and pass out their
progeny to the other syndicate members to email me and let me know.
There really isn't much time to decide if you want to get things set
winter rolls in.


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