Re: [RML] Herbies & pappan creek tris

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Wed, 21 Mar 2001 08:02:43 +1000

Gary has a good memory -

The original fish that I saw had 2 memorable features, even in a stressed
condition in transport bags - strong bodies (muscular even) and good colour,
but the red tail that many associate with this species was not present in
all specimens, many were mainly yellow with no red.

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> Herbies are also "chunky" compared to pappan, that is thicker from left to
> right. I think Bruce you once described it as "muscular". I agree that
> Pappans get "taller", ie "deep/oval" like many of the tris. I had a great
> male that I was going to shoot but he jumped out through a very small
> Now I'll have to wait for his sons to grow up for that pic.