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G'day Lyndle

Thanks for "coming out" :-) It's great when new enthusiasm is injected
intob a group - gets everyone going again - I agree that the hobby and
particularly Rainbowfish are great but the people you meet along the way
that enrich the hobby are a huge bonus. I urge anyone on the list who is not
in one of the groups to join one (or all of them) and contribute as well as
benefit. You will find the experience very rewarding

Bruce Hansen
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> Hi,
> My name is Lyndle Schenck and I have volunteered to work Species
> and Fish/Egg listing for the RSG. I realize my name is not too familiar
> I tend to keep a low profile on the lists but I have been keeping fish and
> plants for about 35 years. I jumped into bows hard about 5 years ago and
> kept around 14 species/varieties at any one time with very good success.
> Two years ago I had to empty my tanks when our jobs forced us to move. I
> just now, slowly, getting my fish room back in order. My personal
> is on planted tanks (and bows of course). I have some strong opinions on
> DIY high-tech equipment that I have learned the hard way and that I am
> to share when asked. ;-).