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My name is Lyndle Schenck and I have volunteered to work Species Maintenance
and Fish/Egg listing for the RSG. I realize my name is not too familiar as
I tend to keep a low profile on the lists but I have been keeping fish and
plants for about 35 years. I jumped into bows hard about 5 years ago and
kept around 14 species/varieties at any one time with very good success.
Two years ago I had to empty my tanks when our jobs forced us to move. I am
just now, slowly, getting my fish room back in order. My personal emphasis
is on planted tanks (and bows of course). I have some strong opinions on
DIY high-tech equipment that I have learned the hard way and that I am happy
to share when asked. ;-).

I feel that I owe a great deal to the RSG. My original "Bows" came from the
local PetsMart and were bought just to complement a new planted tank I
wanted to photograph. While these fish were beautiful they were JUNK as far
as Rainbowfish go. I joined the RSG and started ordering eggs for just
about everything that I could find. I must of had "Magic Water" because
every species I tried turned out exceptional. I also made some great
friends who are now working hard to help me get restarted.

I want to ask our members and anyone else on this list that have quality
breeding stock to try to spread their wealth. If even the most casual
breeders could commit to sending one or two mops out per month we could
protect some of our rarer species and hopefully displace some of the
inferior stock coming out of the commercial breeders.

In a future issue of the Rainbow Times I want to work on some suggested
guidelines for sending mops out. (I hope I can avoid the 100th iteration of
how to make mops, breed the fish, and mail the package.) I also want to
start working to reestablish the Species Maintenance Program. There will be
a steep learning curve for that if we have to start from scratch but it is a
very important part of ensuring that we keep these fish genetically sound.

Please help Gary with articles, suggestions, and fish/egg listing.

If anyone has any questions I can be reached at Lwschenck at or
you can call 301 934-4769. Just tell my wife that you want to speak to her
"fish geek" husband.

Lyndle Schenck

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Don't get too far ahead of yourself Stephen :-)

The RSG is busy at work and will soon have another issue out. It is the
process of getting the one after that out that worries me. I've lost, and
now gained a species maintenance fellow (?and F& E leader) and we have a new
treasurer. Both of them are on this forum so maybe we can draw them out and
they'll introduce themselves :-) My editor has been incognito so I guess
that is going to change also.

If there are RSG members out there that would like to contribute to the next
list with fish and egg listings please send them - TO ME at the e-address
below. Please include your land address, phone, email and all the stuff so
non-wired folks can also get hold of you. Please also include your prices
so our members don't play 50 questions on the phone. We had a former member
that used to try to have his own private auction, "How much do I hear for
the Herbies", so list prices or trades only. If you want to add 1-2 lines
other "trade bait", Plants for bows, or APR/Brine shrimp for sale, anything
along those lines fine. Uh, no "African cichlids for sale" please :-) If
RSG members have other articles that they've seen or written for local
magazines please send them our way, we'd like to put them together. Bribes
:-) can be paid in the form of mops, especially for interesting articles.
Also if you are handy at artwork we can use some from time to time.

Note the new email address. If someone could please unplug my
gwlange at address from the RML I'd appreciate it. I can't get back
it in to desub myself, so I'm now getting duplicates of everything :-) BTW
the website address will also be changing. More info later. If anyone is
going to the NEC this weekend please look me up for more info on the RSG.
You can also volunteer for an article :-)

Gary Lange
gwlange at

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>To the best of my knowledge it hasn't been. I'm sure that if someone
>wanted to step in and fill that void then there would be some
>I guess it's the same for any kind of fish club -- there has to be a
>minimum number of people with time and energy to spare.
>It would sure be nice to get a fish and egg listing going again.
>Maybe a monthly posting to this list would be a good idea; someone
>would just have to put it together.
>-- Stephen
>Harro Hieronimus wrote:
>> I haven't seen the Rainbow Times for at least a year. Is it still
>> published??
>> Harro