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G'day Susan

Even at around an inch the young males should be showing some smoky dark
edges to the fins - Ive always foung tenellus to be one of the quicker
growing blue-eyes with usual adult size of around 1 1/2 " at about 12 months
and 2'' at 2 years then they become geriatric and start to fade away.

They need warm temps (80-85 US degrees) and lots of live food to look their
best - live daphnia is tops but mosquito wrigglers are a close second. The
colour shot of adult males on Adrian Tappin's Home Page ( of Wim Heemskerk's
fish) is about as good as they get.

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> I have 7 p. tenellus juvis that I purchased from a breeder. I've had them
> for some months now (I've lost track :) ) and they have grown some, but
> as much as I would have thought. They are all one inch and under still,
> real coloration. How long SHOULD they take to attain full size? I have
> been trying to feed them twice a day, with a range of foods including fd
> bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp, frozen glassworms, and occasionally bbs.
> Thanks,
> Susan