Re: [RML]where do I get good fish?

bowluvr (bowluvr at
Sat, 17 Mar 2001 21:19:33 -0800


> I live in upstate NY. Where can I buy a mop? How much do they cost?
> How can I be sure that they are good quality?

You can buy mops of eggs from any RSG member that has them to sell. I am
sure if you ask nicely that some of the folks on this list will volunteer
the needed info to you (hint hint Kids!). :-) I would help, but do not
have any breeders of either of those 2 species right now. If you get them
from an RSG member, esp those who are on this list, the quality will
hopefully be good. Also, most will provide help to you as far as receiving
and hatching the eggs.

> I'm not ready yet as I
> just am starting to learn more about Rainbows. I would actually rather
> raise them from eggs, and watch them grow. I will need to get more info
> on how to grow them up also. The only other fish I raised from eggs
> were Angelfish, but that was several years ago.

The first thing that you will want to do then is to go to the Rainbowfish
Study Group's web site... which I do not have the address for (hangs head in
shame), at least not in a form that is accessible. Gary, could you (or one
of you other Bowheads lurking out there) post the addy for her?

Once you get to the site, you will want to read the article on receiving
eggs in the mail/hatching eggs from mops. That will give you an excellent
primer on raising up your very own school of bows. It is really not that
difficult. The only thing that you want to be sure to have before you even
send for a mop is the food (um ok, and the tanks of course). The article
mentions this, but it is the easiest and best food to use so you should
definitely have it.

It is called Microfood, and it is made by OSI. If your LFS doesn't stock it,
then you can get it by mail order... I believe all the big ones carry it. A
little goes a long way, so don't buy a big one if they offer multiple sizes.
Usually they just carry the small one. Keep it refridgerated and it'll last
a long time.

I think that you will find that hatching and raising bows is pretty easy all
told, and you can always email the list with questions as you go. If you are
only waiting because you think you aren't ready, then I'd say go for it.
:-) Bows do not grow that quickly, so the sooner you get started the sooner
you'll have beautiful fish for your display tank. :-)

Hope this helps!
Julie <><