Re: [RML] Suitable tankmates for Pseudomugil signifier and Ps. cyanodorsalis

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Wright - I think the problem is how long this fish will maintain fertility
and vigour in purely fresh water. In nature, heavy rains and tidal
influences will often result in them being in a layer of lighter freshwater
in the top few inches of the water column they prefer. In fact sometimes
Darwin Harbour is virtually pure fresh for weeks at a time but in the long
run, in nature as well as in captivity I believe they need salt ( from FS to

I remember visiting that particular LFS when I was there for the Rainbowfish
Convention. They had some amazingly unusual fishes that interested me -
beautiful golden Pseudomugil gertrudae (from the Aru Islands I think),
Telmatherina bonti (which I had never seen alive before) etc etc

In my experience the length of time a display tank population of any species
is maintained in any LFS is likely to be less than 3 months and I'm sure
they could handle that before starting to go downhill.

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> We have an unusually sophisticated LFS in downtown San Francisco. It's a
> little hole-in-the-wall like you would expect in a back alley in Hong
> Floor to ceiling and wall to wall, heavily-planted tanks with amazing
> rainbows, blue-eyes, gudgeons and other "neat" stuff (discus, unusual
> tetras, etc.). Justin, at Ocean Aquarium, has adapted cyanos to the local
> dead-soft water, and they look absolutely gorgeous! At its worst the tds
> get up to 50 ppm, but it usually is less.
> We live and learn.
> Wright