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I remember being very surprised how cold Harveys Creek gets in winter and
the blue-eyes from there are the largest in the country

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> I was actually pleasently suprised by this. I had supposed that the
> northern forms of P. signifer would prefer higher temps, but they have
> manged through the winter without heaters. Not a big problems you say,
> being that I am in Hawaii, but It does get down to 12-15 C range here
> on mountain. While I was in Honolulu I kept both in unheated tanks and
> they did just fine inthe ambient conditions. Of course the Townsville
> signifer seems to linke it warm to show off and spawn....
> On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Matthew Stanton wrote:
> > There are other good tank mates for them but what is your problem with
> > having a display of Pacific Blue-eyes?
> >
> >
> > Also signifers and cyanos may clash in another way. Pacific Blue-eyes
> > least those from NSW) are usually found in water considerably cooler
> > the coolest water that cyanodorsalis would ever be found in. My Pacific
> > Blue-eyes stay active down to about 10 degrees C and seem to survive
> > sustained water temperatures down to at least 7 degrees C. A couple of
> > of 30+ degrees C water leaves them looking a bit worse for wear but in
> > nature cyanodorsalis must spend most of their lives at these kinds of
> > temperatures.
> >