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On 15 Mar 2001, at 10:04, Phil wrote:

> Birth control pills are female hormones (oestrogen and progesterone I
> think),

Testosterone is converted to oestrogen by all animals. The
difference is the receptors to the hormones and their location.
Male's have speciefic testosterone receptos on/in their cells which
are expressed of theY chromosome or at least controled from it.
Progesterone is the precusur in androgen (sex hormone),
aldosterone and cortisol production depending in which tissue it is

I'm prettymuch upto speed with steroids as that is what my M.Sc
is on: steroid metabolism.

The birth control pills may work and I don;t thinl oestrogen can
reverse sex as in forming testes a lot has to change with the
ananotomy while going from ovaries to testes is less
reconstruction. Also many genes are irrevocably turned off with
exposure to testosterone, particularly on the X chromosome.

Also, blame your mother for your balding head. The gene is carried
across on the X chromosome and is a dominant gene.
Testosterone is just the pawn.


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