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Hello Tyrone

Brisbane (Australia) is nice and sunny too - although it did rain a few
weekends back and we had around 9 inches over 4 days. I actually had water
flowing in the creek in my backyard.

Most populations of P. signifer are brackish in origin so if they seem to be
not performing well just add salt and they usually come good in a couple of
weeks. The other thing to try is lowering the temperature for a few weeks
and then raising it again.

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> My friend has some Ps. signifer. Up until Jan they were spawning
> regularly and he had collected a number of eggs. Then they just
> stopped. They are under a year of age.
> The temp is around 28 to 30 deg. C. His water is a bit soft but they
> were spawning well in it previously. He feeds flake, bbs, cyclops
> and other frozen foods.