[RML] here's something to chew on

Tyrone Genade (Tgenade at akad.sun.ac.za)
Fri, 2 Mar 2001 11:00:30 +0200

On 2 Mar 2001, at 21:52, bowluvr wrote:

> Sunshine? I think I vaguely remember that. I think we might get some again
> in a couple of months. Gotta love Portland (OR) in the winter. At least
> we've got the occaisional earthquake to liven things up once in awhile. ;-)

Don't know what you lot are talking about, it is nice and sunny here
in South Africa.

This list has been quiet lately. Can't imagine why. Why not start a
Here goes.

My friend has some Ps. signifer. Up until Jan they were spawning
regularly and he had collected a number of eggs. Then they just
stopped. They are under a year of age.
The temp is around 28 to 30 deg. C. His water is a bit soft but they
were spawning well in it previously. He feeds flake, bbs, cyclops
and other frozen foods.
Who would like to volunteer a reason why they have just stopped

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