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Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 07:31:46 +1000

No need to be sorry Cecilia

We all have this sort of thing happen to us from time to time. Most of us
who keep Rainbows like to find out at the time of purchaseexactly what fish
they are. That includes not only common name, but scientific name and if
possible stream origin and for the real fanatics which generation from the
original wild fish.

After a while , if you enjoy them enough, you will learn to appreciate the
differences between the different tribes of the various species from
different streams. For example the Banded Rainbowfish from northern
Australia has a huge array of recorded geographical variations ( over 30 at
last count)


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> From: Cecilia Wester <cicci.wester at>
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> Subject: [RML] Wild-caught again
> Date: Thursday, 11 June 1998 0:53
> Hi again!!
> Now have I spoken to the gay in the shop.
> I must dissapoint you all, I'm sorry.
> The rainbows are bought from Singapor, and they are probably not
> :(
> He didn't even have the Latin names for them.
> Cecilia
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> Datum: den 10 juni 1998 10:08
> Ämne: [RML] Wild-caught
> >Hi everybody!
> >
> >I've talked to one guy in the shop (not the one who can the rainbows)
> he
> >told me that the boesemani was NOT wild-caught, but the others (the
> >and blue) are!!
> >
> >He had seen the price they had paid for them, and that was a lot.
> >They are going to have them in a tank in their seaworld, and probably
> trying
> >to breed them.
> >He couldn't tell the Latin names for them, but I'm going to call them
> >afternoon to find out more.
> >
> >Cecilia
> >
> >