[RML] Wild-caught again

Cecilia Wester (cicci.wester at swipnet.se)
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 16:53:56 +0200

Hi again!!

Now have I spoken to the gay in the shop.

I must dissapoint you all, I'm sorry.
The rainbows are bought from Singapor, and they are probably not wild-caught
He didn't even have the Latin names for them.


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Från: Cecilia Wester <cicci.wester at swipnet.se>
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Datum: den 10 juni 1998 10:08
Ämne: [RML] Wild-caught

>Hi everybody!
>I've talked to one guy in the shop (not the one who can the rainbows) and
>told me that the boesemani was NOT wild-caught, but the others (the yellow
>and blue) are!!
>He had seen the price they had paid for them, and that was a lot.
>They are going to have them in a tank in their seaworld, and probably
>to breed them.
>He couldn't tell the Latin names for them, but I'm going to call them this
>afternoon to find out more.