Re: [RML] rainbowfish goiter

Tyrone Genade (Tgenade at
Wed, 25 Jul 2001 20:37:49 +0200

HI all

I've just made up a 10 g/L solution of KI (I figure the
plants could do with some K+ too...). At they
list that iodine has a concentration of 0.06 ppm (mg/L).
>From my stock solution, 1 ml into 100 L would give me
0.1 ppm. Anyone think this is too much? 1/2 ml would
give me around 0.05 ppm. Anyone think this is too little?

Any comments at all?

While I'm at it, any one got a typical annalysis of some
rainbow fish habitat water? I'm particularly interested
in Ca++ and Mg++ levels etc...


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