Re: [RML] rainbowfish goiter

Wright Huntley (huntley1 at
Wed, 25 Jul 2001 11:53:24 -0700

Tyrone Genade wrote:
> HI all
> I've just made up a 10 g/L solution of KI (I figure the
> plants could do with some K+ too...). At
> they
> list that iodine has a concentration of 0.06 ppm (mg/L).
> >From my stock solution, 1 ml into 100 L would give me
> 0.1 ppm. Anyone think this is too much? 1/2 ml would
> give me around 0.05 ppm. Anyone think this is too little?
> Any comments at all?

I sincerely hope you didn't mean iodine, literally. :-) Iodide is chemically
nearly identical with chloride for most gross effects (thyroid special stuff
aside), so I can't see where 0.1 ppm is all that much as iodide.

Untergasser, for treatment, uses a stock solution of 0.5g iodine and 5g KI
in 100 ml of water. He then doses with 1 ml per 50 liters of tank water and
change water (1 drop per 5 liters).


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