Re: [RML] it's amazing what you find in stores...

Jennifer Palmer (aquamail at
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 10:30:46 +1100

Looks like you already answered my question on the other shark, Dave. But 8
bull sharks in a couple of hours??? Combine that with man-eating
crocodiles, stingrays, box jellyfish, stonefish, bullrouts, and a myriad of
other nasty aquatic creatures, and it doesn't make swimming a very
appealing activity in the Top End does it? ;-)


>Peter Last was here in Darwin last year or the year before looking for that
>shark and the it was found recently in the South ASlligator River. It is
>called a speartooth Shark, (Glyphus sp.) and the other common freshwater
>shark around these parts and probably the one in the lake in Irian Jaya is
>the Bull Shark, (Carchrinus leucas) Last month I went fishing at Daly
>Crossing on the Daly River and caught 8 Bull Sharks in a couple of hours,
>they are quite common in the bigger rivers around here.
>Dave Wilson