Re: [RML] it's amazing what you find in stores...

Dave Wilson (rwilson at
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 07:22:44 +1030

>Peter Unmack wrote:
>I don't know their names, but Peter Last (a sharkish kinda guy) was telling me
>about a freshwater one in Australia, although he thinks it may be extinct. I
>think he said it lived in NE Qld.

>There used to be a freshwater shark in Irian Jaya (it was in one of the
>"recent" Aqua Geo's by Allen), but there haven't been any records of it for
>some time. It lived in a lake. Wasn't (or isn't) there also a shark in Lake
>Nicauragua (or however you spell it)? I seem to remember there was something
>out of the ordinary in that lake.


Peter Last was here in Darwin last year or the year before looking for that
shark and the it was found recently in the South ASlligator River. It is
called a speartooth Shark, (Glyphus sp.) and the other common freshwater
shark around these parts and probably the one in the lake in Irian Jaya is
the Bull Shark, (Carchrinus leucas) Last month I went fishing at Daly
Crossing on the Daly River and caught 8 Bull Sharks in a couple of hours,
they are quite common in the bigger rivers around here.

Dave Wilson