Re: [RML] it's amazing what you find in stores...

Doug Collom (dcollom at
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 10:44:07 +1000

>There are two species of freshwater shark in top end rivers. One is
>called Bull Shark and the other is the Speeartooth Shark. I have had
>sm Bull Sharks in an aquarium but they are crazy and do not settle. I
>have also seen bullsharks swimming among Western Rainbowfish here in the
>Blackmore River which runs into Darwin Harbour. We also have Freshwater
>whiprays which grow to a disc diameter 3 meters and 640 kg. Imagine the
>size of the community aquarium. How big is your hobby budget?
>Dave Wilson

I know of a party who launched canoes in the headwaters of the Mitchell
River in far NQ just a few years ago, and at the launch site, in very
shallow crystal clear fresh water, they were bothered by small sharks,
only two to three feet long, which were really keen to take hunks out of
their legs.

They paddled fished and camped their way downsream a long way, and for a
considerable distance had to watch out for these troublesome little sharks
wherever they stepped out of the canoes.

Maybe the sharks stopped being a worry when they got down to salty
crocodile country? There you are, a possible benefit in having hungry
crocs in the river!

I've known other groups to paddle the Mitchell and other streams in the
region without the same problem, so possibly it's a seasonal thing, right
place, wrong time.

I've got a book somewhere around here, which records that a large White
Pointer (Great White) was once found over 200 miles up a river in fresh

Now who's turn next is it on the deep end of the net?

Doug Collom