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Jennifer Palmer (aquamail at
Thu, 03 Feb 2000 10:00:55 +1100

We do have the bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) in Far North Queensland.
Brett Herbert and Glynn Aland both report them as being found well inland
into fresh waters. They apparently grow to around 3 metres (!).
I thought there was also talk (can't remember where) of a new and
surprising discovery last year of a freshwater shark (or a shark that is
able to live in freshwater)around Darwin. Does anyone know anything about


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>On Wed, 2 Feb 2000 Piabinha at AOL.COM wrote:
>> mach mentioned freshwater sharks. the only ones i heard of were in the
>> amazon, but they are not very big, and certainly not available in the
>I don't know their names, but Peter Last (a sharkish kinda guy) was
telling me
>about a freshwater one in Australia, although he thinks it may be extinct. I
>think he said it lived in NE Qld. This species, whatever it is apparently is
>only known from a few records, and I think Peter said it may closely resemble
>another species, hence why it is so little known. That's about all my meager
>memory can dig up, and even then I wouldn't rely on it too much. :-)
>There used to be a freshwater shark in Irian Jaya (it was in one of the
>"recent" Aqua Geo's by Allen), but there haven't been any records of it for
>some time. It lived in a lake. Wasn't (or isn't) there also a shark in Lake
>Nicauragua (or however you spell it)? I seem to remember there was something
>out of the ordinary in that lake.
>Peter Unmack