[RML] Spiders (was Re: Geckoes)

andrew.boyd at dfat.gov.au
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 10:13:14 +1000

The Daddylonglegs and the long-abdomened (Harvestman?) version of the
same are our principle houseguests ;) And I have seen them attack and
kill wolf spiders with what looks like bigger body mass than
themselves on several occasions.

Now if I could only get my sticky paws on some of those giant tropical
scorpions ;)

Regards, Andrew

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Subject: Re: Geckoes (was Re: [RML] Re: Mystery/Apple Snails/quaranti
Author: MIME:bhansen at ozemail.com.au at INTERNET-MAIL
Date: 12/10/97 9:51 AM

> From: andrew.boyd at dfat.gov.au
> To: rainbowfish at pcug.org.au
> Subject: Geckoes (was Re: [RML] Re: Mystery/Apple Snails/quarantine)
> Date: Wednesday, 10 December 1997 8:49
> . My guess is that our
> thriving harmless arachnofauna (we live with several species of
> spiders running about our house) either out compete or just plain
> the redbacks... maybe what you really need up there are some of our
> monster Huntsman spiders to eat your redbacks ;)
I'm not sure if Huntsmen eat Redbacks but Daddy-Long-legs eat both Redbacks
and Huntsmen :-) Wow, this spider stuff is interesting !