Re: [RML] Cichlid/Rainbow Community Tanks

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Wed, 2 Apr 1997 09:01:46 -0700 (MST)

Hi Chen

I have kept rainbowfish in w/ Afreakin' Chickets, and yes, it can be done.
The main factor, IMHO, is tank size/space. If the bows have a lot of
maneuvering room/swimming space, and if species are properly matched, than
it can be done successfully. I have kept smaller, more peaceful bows in w/
relatively non-aggressive Afreakin's such as the featherfins, Lamprologus
shelldwellers, and Cyprichromis spp. I also know people who keep the
larger Tris, splendidas, and Glossolepis sp w/ Mbuna and various
Tanganyikans in *large* aquaria (ie: lots of swim space for the bows and
not too thick on the Chicklets). BTW: the same thing can be done w/ many
of the Barb sp., and Botias, although it is a bit of a "scarifice" for them
on the H2O parameters. They can handle it just fine though.

Hope this helps. :)

Julie <><


On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Chen Leong wrote:

> A friend recently asked me whether it was possible to keep rainbows with
> African cichlids, particularly the more peaceful ones, such as Labidochromis
> Caruleus (Electric Yellows) and Haplochromis Moori (Blue Dolphin). I know
> these African cichlids are kept in fairly hard water and ph values of 8+.
> Has anyone had any experience with mixing rainbows with Africans such as the
> above, and if so, what species can tolerate these water conditions? The
> possible ones that come to my mind include Lacustris and Incisus. I have
> also seen in Heinz Staude's shop, aquariums with Trifasciatas and Inornata
> mixed with Africans.
> Regards,
> Chen Leong