[RML] New

Jim Priest (cat at lascruces.com)
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 08:47:53 -0700

Good Morning Y'all...

I'm new to the list, my name is Jim Priest from Las Cruces, New Mexico.
I've been reading for the last couple of weeks and am impressed with the
level of advice given here. I'm also new to keeping privately bred
rainbows, having just recently stocked a 75 with fish from Roy Hunter. I
also have about 1 year experience raising pet store purchased rainbow
mutants in another 75 I have. I am in the process of converting this
mutant containing tank with additional fish from Roy and some others
from Chris Drew, a change brought on, in part, by reading this list.

I have a couple of basic questions of the members :-)

1) I am fixing to set up another tank or two (hopefully to have it/them
ready to put convention purchased fish in) and am torn between setting
up a large 120 or perhaps 2 small 30L tanks. I like large tanks because
there are so many decorating options, but wonder if I shouldn't try some
single species layouts? I'm looking for general feedback :-)

2) What is considered a good or proper ratio of male to female rainbows?

3) I have 4 fish that are being called "Blackmast" They are juvies and I
am told they are hardyheads. I cannot find any reference to them in
various books I have looked in however. Any information on these fish is

Is there anybody near southern New Mexico who keeps rainbows? I am very
interested in seeing alternate setups? I hope to make it up Roy's way in
May to see his collection and maybe purchase some fish but that is 700
miles. Thanks for bearing with this long post :-)

Jim Priest