[RML] Question about Artemia and frys

magnar_vatne (magna-v at online.no)
Wed, 02 Mar 2005 21:41:32 -0000

5 1/2 nmonth ago I received some eggs of R.Ornatus from G.Maebe.
Only 2 of them manage to grow up. Lucky for me it was a male and a
female. A few days ago I discovered frys, about 10 of them.

Offcourse I would like all of them to grow up. Last time I used
liqiud fry food from a bootle the first two weeks. Mayby this food
wasn't good enough? So I bougth a artemia hatcher to put into the

My question, if any of you are using live artemia, do the newborns
take live artemia allready, or should I wait for a period until I
start the hatcher? ( I have already tested it, but the artemia
looked a little bit to big for theese small frys :-) , it was easier
to spot them then the frys)

Best regards
Magnar Vatne