Re: [RML] *URGENT* Pending California Legislation

Bjorn Straube (straube at
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 07:51:40 -0400

Hi Bruce,
Unfortunately any system (including none) has it's problems, but if Florida
is an example, something really does need to be done. As far as getting shot,
that is a very real consideration here (I can speak for anywhere else), back in
the '80's, obviously that may have changed by now, I read an article in Field
and Stream that claimed that of all the enforcement branches, you were most
likely to be shot in wildlife enforcement. Not even the drug enforcement guys
had as high of a ratio of shootings.


Bruce Hansen wrote:

> Bjorn
> I think most responsible hobbyists would like to think that they could
> expect any "raiding party" would at least know what they were looking for
> and what permits etc were appropriate.
> Unfortunately similar stories are common over here too with poorly
> qualified officers acting often on malicious information - the end result
> is unsatisfactory all round. It certainly doesn't create respect and
> compliance from the public. Often the worst outcome of all results - others
> hear about it and release their suspect pets into the wild rather than have
> them killed quickly or slowly by "lawful process"
> Even when we had a "permit " system here the authorities couldn't be
> bothered policing or maintaining it on a regular basis. I think they like
> the occasional "bust" against a non-dangerous hobbyist where they are
> unlikely to be shot at ;-)
> Regards,
> Bruce.
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> > Living in Florida, the largest zoological garden in the world ;) I can
> certainly
> > agree with the need for some control. Hell, I wouldn't even mind a "fish
> keepers
> > license"