Re: [RML] This will be your last #rml catalog...

tayers at
Mon, 29 Jun 98 10:29:18 EDT

>>>>> "S" == Segeberger <klaus.schoening at> writes:
S> I hooked up to usaAustnet or whatever it is called and did a search for
S> rainbowfish and got no I joined #rainbowfish, which made it
S> look like I created a channel on the fly, but noone ever showed up. Is
S> this how it is? or was I lost in cyberspace haha

Join #rml, not #rainbowfish. I just noticed that Andrew's instructions
say to join #rainbowfish. We can all chastise Andrew for deriding you
now. ;-) The times on that page are not necessarily correct
either. I've had good luck finding people around Friday 9:00pm Central
time. Or just watch for Bjorn's message. Then you know you'll find one
person. :-)

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
Tim Ayers tayers at
St. Paul, Minnesota
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