Re: [RML] This will be your last #rml catalog...

Segeberger (klaus.schoening at
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 09:18:06 GMT

I hooked up to usaAustnet or whatever it is called and did a search for
rainbowfish and got no I joined #rainbowfish, which made it
look like I created a channel on the fly, but noone ever showed up. Is
this how it is? or was I lost in cyberspace haha

-> Merlin wrote:

-> > There were _no_ problems with connecting to #rml last Saturday (my
-> time). > > And yes we did all finish up rather early on this
-> occasion. > > The trick is to be there at the right time, ie when it
-> starts. Late-comers > may or may not find anyone left there....