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That Home Page is available from here - I include the info below from it

The International Goby and Blenny Study Group

The IGBSG produces an irregular newsletter, From the Bottom, that is
published 4-times per year. The content pertains to all aspects of
freshwater, brackish and marine aquariculture that involves Gobies and
Blennies. The first issue will premier in the first quarter of 1998.

The editor is Rodney Harper, a long time goby and blenny enthusiast and
author of several articles, a book chapters dealing with goby and blenny
husbandry and natural history.

This web site is under construction at this moment but will soon be the
online information center for this group. As time progresses, this site
will contain more suitable information concerning the group and the

To subscribe to the IGBSG newsletter, send your query with appropriate
funding to:

Rodney Harper
11450 Boe Road Extension
Grand Bay, Alabama 36541 U.S.A.

USA: $10.00, Canada and Mexico: $13.00, Abroad: $15.00

Make checks or money orders payable to: Rodney Harper

Do not send cash or hard currency !

USA and Canada subscribers: Check or money order please.

Mexico and Abroad subscribers: All funds must be in US Dollars or the
current equivalent in your native currency. International money orders are
preferred from overseas subscribers. Checks will be accepted but will
require an additional $5.00 fee for bank surcharges.


Bruce Hansen, ANGFA, caring for our aquatic ecosystems.

Please visit us at

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> Subject: [RML] IGBSG
> Date: Wednesday, 17 June 1998 6:51
> Do anyone out there know how to get in touch with the International Goby
and Blenny Study Group. There is some information about them at
> but I get no contact with their server.
> Any help appreciated!
> Hans M Hanslin
> Trondheim, Norway