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Wed, 17 Jun 98 01:38 +0100

>Hello Hans,
>At 20:51 16/06/98 +-200, you wrote:
>>Do anyone out there know how to get in touch with the International Goby
>>and Blenny Study Group. There is some information about them at

>If its the Scandinavian Rainbowfish and Goby Society that you are looking
>for I believe that they no longer exist. They are now part of the IRG.
>Perhaps Harro Hieronimus can be of some help to you in this regard. You can
>email Harro at:
>Harro.Hieronimus at


indeed, the SRGS now is part of the IRG, but I think IGBSG is something
different. Unfortunately I don't have any further details on them.