Re: [RML] Virus Warning (Kind of Spam)

caryho at
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 11:51:04 GMT

In The Dawn of the Third Age Chen Leong <cleong at> woke me
from my contemplation by writing:

>At 10:48 10/06/98 +1000, Graeme wrote:
>>Before then it was common on mail boards etc. etc. It is
>>very hard for a "mail" file to self execute especially to execute
>>reformating your hard drive or deleting files.
>>From discussions I had with our computer programmers, it is possible to
>activate a virus by opening an attachment file in a message. Whether it is
>a joke or not, time will tell - and frankly I wouldn't want to be the first
>to test it.

The difference is the attachment. Don't ever accept and attached file
from those you don't know or without virus protection. I have came
across a number of viruses on the net over they years, and all have
been caught by my virus protection software. There is not danger if
you only read email with a standard mail reader. Some of these new
microsoft readers using the win.dat files and auto decoding can easily
bring in a macro virus without your knowledge.

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