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Wed, 10 Jun 1998 11:41:57 GMT

In The Dawn of the Third Age "Adrian R. Tappin" <atappin at>
woke me from my contemplation by writing:
>Actually, I have heard that there are wild caught Boesemani being exported
>out of Indonesia. Last year I believe that John Doley was given some
>information from a Canadian importer that he could buy wild caught Boesemani
>for US$1.00 each.
>There are also the occasional collection of PNG rainbowfishes by private
>collectors so yes, maybe they are wild-caught. One can never be too sure
>what happens in this game. The old adage, Where there is a will (or Dollar)
>there is a way ;-)

I attempted to get some of these so called wild caught boesemani. On
one attempt he was sold out and on the other he only had males left. I
did have a friend in another state that managed to obtain some. He was
able to breed them and pass on some offspring to me. The only thing I
can go by is the appreance of these fish and they are the best looking
boesemani I have seen in many years, and I believe they are wild
caught. If they are not wild caught, then somebody has managed to
breed back all the color that has faded in captive populations. A
further note on the wild caught parents, they were in a number of
aquarists hands and were very fragil. All the parents died with in 6
months of obtaining them.

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