RE: [RML] Virus Warning (Kind of Spam)

Graeme Finsen (gfinsen at
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 10:48:15 +1000

This is an old "joke" which has been circulating the net for about 9
years now. Before then it was common on mail boards etc. etc. It is
very hard for a "mail" file to self execute especially to execute
reformating your hard drive or deleting files. And Microsoft doesn't
issue warnings like this one. And in all honesty I've never actually
seen a mail called "Win a Holiday !!". But then again, there is always
a first time :-).

Moral is, don't download cookies.

This is one of those spam mails that is similar to "send this everybody
on your email and you will have good fortune" chain letters.

But thanks for the warning anyway :-).

Many Thanks
Or as we aquarists say - Many Tanks

Graeme Finsen
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> From: Chen Leong [SMTP:cleong at]
> Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 1998 9:37 AM
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: [RML] Virus Warning (Kind of Spam)
> G'day all,
> I thought I would post this warning to list members with regards to a
> computer virus that is being currently circulated in the form of an
> email
> message. Microsoft issued a warning yesterday about an email message
> entitled "Win a Holiday !!". If you receive such an email message, DO
> OPEN IT !!! If you do, the entire contents of your hard drive will be
> erased.
> Cheers,
> Chen