Re: [RML] #RML

Andrew Boyd (andrew at
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 00:29:01 +1000

At 09:45 09/06/98 +0200, Cecilia wrote:
>Can someone tell the european time also?
>Im sitting in Sweden.

Hello Cecilia (and other interested parties in Europe),

I am sitting on GMT -10 hours. Most of the Americans are at -15 to -18
relative to me, or 5-8 hours behind GMT (I think?). Someone correct me if
I am wrong, but I think that it unfortunately means that Europeans are
effectively excluded by virtue of the regular sessions taking place in the
early hours of Saturday Morning, which is a pity. Unless you are an
insomniac or a Computer Science Student, that is. Being both, I myself am
more likely to be asleep at 4 in the afternoon than 2 in the morning with
exams coming up fast, these things happen.

The original times were decided by the people who organised the channel 18
or so months ago. This is not to say that the time is immutable or that
people may not use the channel at other times, far from it. :)

Please feel free to organise other Europeans to meet at a more convenient
time and sort out a regular "Euro-#rml" session - that way it will be
available to more people. I will certainly make it when I can.

Best Regards, Andrew

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