Re: [RML] Body Sliders

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 07:48:56 +1000

Gary just reminded me - P. cyanodorsalis isdefinitely an omni-spawner :-)
Killifish are often classified as top or substrate spawners but these guys
spawn anywhere - even on the glass!

Also I remember trying to get eggs from Harvey's creek Signifers from mops
and not having much luck - then transferred them to another tank and heaps
of fry hatched out from the gravel.


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> From: Gary Lange <gwlange at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: Re: [RML] Body Sliders
> Date: Sunday, 7 June 1998 6:59
> Interesting thread, I've had this observation working with killifish for
> 15 years. I think that thinking about "overincubation" is a good place
> start. How that relates to our bows may or may not be relevant. I think
> however that it is relevant to our blue-eyes.