Re: [RML] Body Sliders

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 07:28:27 +1000

Gosh Adrian

And I thought you could hold your Bundy ;-)

Obviously you have got hold of some "good stuff" , perhaps some OP straight
from the distillery ;-)

Imagine all those "litttle blue men with their little bottles of blue
water": it has all the trappings of a "Blue water classis". Hang on, I
think that is a sailing term.


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> From: Adrian R. Tappin <atappin at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: RE: [RML] Body Sliders
> Date: Saturday, 6 June 1998 9:46
> You're not a closet Bundy drinker are you Mach ;-)
> I have this vision of Dr. Bruce handing out little specimen jars each
> methylene blued water and a few fish eggs to his patients and telling
> to keep the jars close to their person then come back and see him in a
> time with the specimen jars ;-)