Re: [RML] Breeding Program - F1, F2, backcrosses

C. Shamsid-Deen (csha at
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 15:38:33 -0500

Bruce, thanks for the tips. It looks like my additions will be delayed a
bit longer so that will give me more time to work out logistics.


At 08:28 PM 5/31/98 +1000, you wrote:
>All the species you mention should be easily distinguishable either as
>adults or fry so community raising shouldn't be a problem at first glance
>but often differential growth rates will result in cannibalism.
>I guess Cary could assist you with advice on which species are in need of
>more representation on the program and whether attention to generation sin
>your record keeping will be necessary.
>I have a "blue-eye brooder" I built from an idea in an old AKA article -
>so I can keep 5 or 6 species of fry separate in 1 gallon plastic drums
>suspended over a 3 foot tank on a plastic grid and each is gravity fed
>water from a resevoir supplied by a power UGF in the tank underneath and
>the overflow runs back
>In effect each small population of fry is in a 3 ft tank. Overall it works
>quite well
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