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>Seriously though, what benchmark are you using to decide if hatching is
>overdue and what is your water analysis? Also this 'forced hatching' has me
>a little confused?

With cyanodorsalis if they have gone more than weeks and haven't hatched
out or have well developed eyes (that look out at you), embryo moves around
in the egg, and no yolk sack is visible. I have noticed that this seems
like mechanism for the fry to escape poor water (to sailne, etc.)drought?
remain dormant until favorable conditions return, not unlike killies, as I
first noticed this with the ross river fish when i would change the water.
I would end up stirring up the bottom, adding new water and boom there were
tons of fry in the tank, water change bucket. It seems like bit of
stirring and all the eggs that were ready (and it can be months between
changes in the 50% seawater tanks) just popped open and a a small school
apeared. Then I got a bunch of cyanodorsalis eggs from Gary they went
allmost three weeks and he suggested forceing them like killie eggs. It
worked. Then by analogy I figured it would work on the signifers. Likewise
it worked. i know it works on P. furcatus and would suspect connieae
(can't get enough eggs to really try).

>What is it about Killie Keepers and Rainbowfishes. Its seems that nearly
>everyone who keeps rainbowfishes has or does keep Killies???

I like to think of bows and killies being analogs of each other depending
on what part of the world you are in. I have learned a bunch of stuff
that I can apply to hatching/raising blue eyes by working with killies and
vice versa. Admittedly, although there are differences in size, behaviors,
etc. many things are very simmilar. The way I figure I have learned some
of the best ways of adjusting the hardness and pH of water to make it soft
for raising P. mellis (if I can get another pair and room) by chatting with
the killie people and simmilarly found out how to make the water nice and
hard/alkaline to raise lampeyes (need to get some of these also) by learing
about bows and the most Pseudomugil. I figure it just makes it easier to
learn how to do stuff if you can tap into a bigger pool of information (Of
course there is the problem of sorting the wheat fromthe chaff).

>BTW you will be pleased to hear that my connieae are spawning well and most
>are hatching ;-)

gotta figure out a way to get some of them form you. My adults are at
their end. I am glad that Ihave a new bunch of youngsters to replace them
and spread them around to the various bowheads here in the USA. I hope Roy
gets his e-mail back up and still has the fishyou gave him.


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