RE: [RML] Ceriodaphnia

Stephen Boulet-CSB046 (Stephen_Boulet-CSB046 at
Mon, 1 Jun 1998 9:49:49 -0500

_>How can you tell the difference? I have some sort of small critter, I
>thought it was daphnia then saw some real daphnia and realized it wasn't.
>Now I'm trying to find out what it is. They look like little dark brown
>dots, and jerk around like daphnia. I have them all over and they do make
>good fry food. But I would like to know what they are.


I'm wondering if you have rotifers. I had a culture of greenwater (in which
I placed M. parkinsoni fry) crash, and it was filled with these small brown
dots. The fry loved them.

My rotifer culture is due in the mail any day now, so I'll be able to say if
the two are the same.

-- Stephen killis.html