Re: [RML] camallanus

BLang1234 at
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 21:31:54 -0400 (EDT)

<Hi, can anyone describe the symptoms of this problem!

<(We have had various fish show a worm problem with red worms hanging out of
<the anus and the worms have been alive because sometimes they would wriggle
<and retreat inside the fish, we have treated the fish with drontal worm
<tablets - meant for cats and the worms have dissappeared but I wonder if we
<only killed the adults and left the eggs or larve intact.)

Drontal tablets are only effective against tapeworms, so I would not expect
them to do any good for red worms hanging from the anus. Red worms hanging
from the anus is a pretty distinctive sign of Camallanus cotti, so that is
probably what you have.
If you would be interested in giving up 1 or 2 fish, I have a connection with
someone who is studying Camallanus and would appreciate getting some infected
Let me know if you are interested
BLang1234 at