Re: [RML] camallanus

Meryl Jury (merylj at
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 13:11:10 +1200

Hi, well the live food all comes from the various containers that lurk
around our house. We currently have a spare four foot tank outside which
is the main source of live food. Two types of daphania, blood worms and
mosquito larve all reside in this tank.

The worms are from the garden and we also have three or four other plastic
containers of daphania which are hidden in various spots around the garden.
We never harvest any live food from any other source as it is hard to know
if it is disease free.

Occasionally we purchase live daphania ( the bags generally include
mosquito larve & cyclops) through the pet shop and this is supplied from an
Auckland wholesaler.
Any way you look at it, it is pretty hard to work out where the problem
lies. I know the daphania & moaquito larve die back in Winter but the
bloodworms still seem to be there just in smaller numbers in winter.

Perhaps we are buying daphania & mosquito larve which are carrying the
parasite !

Any suggestions about how to avoid this problem - at the moment I am
inclined to treat the fish every so often even if there are no symptoms.

The medicines which are available - how about some brand names or trade
names !
Most of the medicines in NZ have a name like "fungus cure", curex, etc.
Good old formalin is always handy ! (Not too much mind you !)

I am sure if we walked in to a pet shop in NZ and asked for "Concurat L" we
would stike a dumb look and lots of questions ! Perhaps we could purchase
some of the medicines from someone by mail !
Anytakers let me know - merylj at
Cheers, Meryl