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Wed, 25 Jul 2001 21:36:16 +0200

On 25 Jul 2001, at 11:53, Wright Huntley wrote:

> I sincerely hope you didn't mean iodine, literally. :-)

No. KI is Potassium iodide... I just get a bit muddled...

> Iodide is
> chemically nearly identical with chloride for most gross effects
> (thyroid special stuff aside), so I can't see where 0.1 ppm is all
> that much as iodide.

Iodine occurs in the form of various species and is
quite complex... 2/3 iodate, 1/3 iodide in Sea water.
Together they total as 0.06 ppm Iodine in Sea water. As
a trace element it seems very effective at low doses.

> Untergasser, for treatment, uses a stock solution of 0.5g iodine and
> 5g KI in 100 ml of water. He then doses with 1 ml per 50 liters of
> tank water and change water (1 drop per 5 liters).

Thanks, wish I had got this a couple of days ago...



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